Vubu (2012 iPhone / iPad Game)
1. Ancients of the Sky Title Theme
2. Forgotten Age Theme A
3. Silent Faces Theme B
4. Celestial Traveler Theme C

Horde Ballz (2005 Abandoned Game Project)
1. Preliminaries Level Intro Theme
2. Jammity Bam Quarry Zone
3. Rolling Through the Sand Desert Zone
4. Verdant Wilderness Jungle Zone
5. The Frozen Corridors Ice Zone
6. Omega Extreme Final Zone
7. Immediate Danger Boss theme

Video Games
The Desert World of Motavia Phantasy Star - Motavia Theme
Kong’s Lullaby Donkey Kong - Title Theme
Requiem for the Lost Alundra - Requiem
The Dungeon Beneath Legacy of the Wizard - Dungeon
Alefgardian Ambience Dragon Warrior - Overworld
It's Our Time Goonies - Level 2,4
Mad Marbles Marble Madness - Level 2
Gyro Flight Mega Man 5 - Gyro Man
Rage Rush T&C Surf Designs - Main Theme
Double the Punch Double Dragon 2 - Stage 4
Remember the Journey Golvellius - Password
Medieval Nights Lemmings 2 - Medieval Tribe
Devoured World Abadox - Level 5
Old Ironspire Wizards & Warriors - Castle Exterior
Dusty Dune Devil Mega Man X2 - Overdrive Ostrich
Glorious Crystal Gleam Mega Man X2 - Crystal Snail
Stealth Lizard Mega Man X - Sting Chameleon
Friend Turned Foe Mega Man 9 - Boss Theme
Hero Without Praise Final Fantasy Tactics - Hero's Theme
Subterranean Revenant Spelunker - Title Theme
Pharaoh’s Last Dance (Remastered) Mega Man 4 - Pharaoh Man
Touchdown Hoedown Tecmo Bowl - Offense Theme
The Night of Lukifell Ninja Gaiden - The Nails of Lukifell
Palace in the Dark Sky Kid Icarus - Sky Palace
Melancholy Dreams Super Mario Bros. 2 - Underworld
Rygar's Anthem Rygar - Sueru Mountain & Gran Mountain
Beware of Ninjas! The Legend of Kage - Medley
The Peddler's Legacy Tetris - Korobeiniki (Music A)
New Mexican Thunderbird - SSF2THDR OST Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix - T. Hawk Theme
New Mexican Thunderbird (Heavy Damage) - SSF2THDR OST Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix - T. Hawk Heavy Damage Theme
Lush Forest of Quatera Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim - Quatera Woods
Pharaoh's Last Dance Mega Man 4 - Pharaoh Man
Bright Stun Light Mega Man 4 - Bright Man
Denizens of the Darkest Places The Legend of Zelda - Dungeon
Thrashing Through Grana-Vallis 2006 Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim - Mount Grana-Vallis
Memoirs of the Green-Haired Folk Lemmings - Classic
Wet Mushroom Waltz Super Mario Bros. - Water Theme
New Mexican Thunderbird Super Street Fighter II - T. Hawk
(this arrangement is part of the Blood on the Asphalt album)
Jaunt Through the Jungles of Nam Rambo - Medley
Manic Mineshaft Ducktales - The African Mines
Basilisk Run Ninja Gaiden - Basilisk Mine Field
Ride to Demonhead Clash at Demonhead - Stage Theme

The World Robots (Mega Man 6 Remix Album)
Silver Setting Sun Mega Man 6 - Tomahawk Man
Rising Sun Warrior Mega Man 6 - Yamato Man
Flaming Desert Sand Mega Man 6 - Flame Man
Amazonian Flower Mega Man 6 - Plant Man
Flurry of Frozen Fury Mega Man 6 - Blizzard Man
Wind Swoop Mega Man 6 - Wind Man
Odyssey Beyond the Falls Mega Man 6 - Centaur Man
Fortress of the Knight Mega Man 6 - Knight Man

Miscellaneous Tracks
Carol of the Bells Carol of the Bells



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