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04/24/13 --- A mini Wizards & Warriors arrangement has been put on the site.

03/14/12 --- The Mega Man X Series album Maverick Rising has finally been released. Be sure to check it out! My three tracks are also available on this site as well.

11/10/11 --- Friend Turned Foe from the Mega Man 9 remix album Back in Blue has been added to this site.

05/31/11 --- A short acoustic guitar cover of "Hero's Theme" from Final Fantasy Tactics is now available.

05/30/11 --- A haunting and atmospheric Spelunker arrangement has been added to the site.

01/24/11 --- There's a SNEAK PEEK preview on YouTube of the tracks I worked on for the upcoming OC ReMix album, Mega Man X Series: Maverick Rising. Be sure to check it out.

07/02/10 ---

The soundtrack for Horde Ballz has been added to the originals section. Horde Ballz is a game I had developed in 2005. Although the game itself was never completed, 90 percent of the soundtrack was. Two tracks have been available on this site for quite some time, and now all of them are. They are older pieces of mine and lack some polish, however, some of them possess a few catchy phrases.

03/26/10 ---

The last of the latest batch of tracks are available for download. Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Bowl were covered.

03/25/10 ---

An arrangement from Kid Icarus has been uploaded.

03/24/10 ---

Track three: a Super Mario Bros. 2 arrangement. This one is mainly filled with instruments from the Orient, specifically India.

03/23/10 ---

The next track is an arrangement from Rygar. It exhibits a generous amount speghetti Western flavoring, making it my fourth track in that style.

03/22/10 ---

A while back, I was working on an album that consisted of 10 unreleased tracks I had created during my early remixing years. I had originally planned to release them in 2008, however, a few of the tracks weren't sounding right and I kept prolonging the release date. Now it's 2010, and I've decided to just go ahead and upload the other six. First on the list is an Asian style arrangement from The Legend of Kage and can be downloaded here. Stay tuned for the remaining tracks...

12/01/09 ---

Korobeiniki. This old Russian folk song is known to many in the West as "The Tetris Theme". It's a track I've been wanting to dabble with for quite some time and after having worked on it on and off for a few months, I'm pleased that it's finally finished. The track's name is The Peddler's Legacy and it can be downloaded in the arrangements section. The "music video", if you want to call it that, is available on my YouTube channel. As always, feedback is most appreciated.

08/26/09 ---

Added the two Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix tracks to the site.

12/03/08 ---

A short arrangement of the holiday classic Carol of the Bells has been added to the arrangement section.

11/30/08 ---

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was released earlier last week on Xbox Live and PSN. The ocremix community had the privilege of supplying the soundtrack for this game. I highly recommend downloading the album as it's a landmark release for ocremix and has quite a number of fine tracks. The community has come a long way since it was founded back in 1999. It was a pleasure to be a part of the project. Be sure to check out the revamped version of "New Mexican Thunderbird" along with the 'heavy damage' track that I supplied. Also, don't forget to leave feedback for the musicians! It is most appreciated.

06/09/08 ---

An Ys VI arrangement has been released. It's an old track that was started years ago (approximately the same time as "Thrashing Through Grana-Vallis"). It has been recently polished up and is now ready for ears to hear.

02/26/08 ---

Another Mega Man 4 track has been released. This one is an interesting blend of the Middle East, disco, and other various styles of music.

10/02/07 ---

I've added a Mega Man 4 remix to the site. It was created for the Mega Man 4 remix project a while back. The project has been on hold indefinately, so I decided to just uploaded it here.

02/20/07 ---

New Legend of Zelda arrangement added. It was mostly created around the same time as Wet Mushroom Waltz. I recently decided to go back and finish it.

10/20/06 ---

Thrashing Through Grana-Vallis 2006 has been added to the arrangement section.

10/04/06 ---

Two tracks have been added to the arrangement section - a Lemmings track and a previously unreleased Rambo(NES) medley that was created in 2005.

08/15/06 ---

VUREZ.COM is now up and running, though it is not yet fully operational. Tracks have been uploaded to the 'originals' and 'arrangements' sections . The 'about' section is still under contruction.




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